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Ladder Type Cable Tray are used to distribute cable and has been designed carefully keeping in mind industrial requirements. These trays are manufactured using top quality material and are available in various sizes. We can offer customized solution for all the products.

With Sheet Steel (MS/GI Sheet/Aluminium)

These type Cable Tray are fabricabricated out of Steel Sheet & Aluminium Sheet conforming to IS 1079:1973, IS 513:1994 & IS: 737:1986 with a thickness of 1.6mm to 3mm.

This cable tray are of standard length of 2500mm for C=various width-minimum being 150mm width and maximum 1200mm wide. Slotted rungs are welded to the side runner at every 250mm or 300mm interval. At both ends of cable trays, three or four circular holes are provided for connecting the adjacent cable trays or accessories by coupler plate.


Typical Specfication of Ladder type Cable Tray (MS/Aluminium)



Standard Length

2.5 Mtrs to 3 Mtrs

Runner Height (H)

50mm, 60mm,75mm, 100mm & 120mm

Runner Coller (C)

15mm, 20mm, 25mm & 30mm

Rung Size (S)

25mm x 15mm, 35mm x 15mm,

40mm x 20mm,       50mm x 20mm as per choice

Tray Thickness (TH)

1.6mm, 2mm, 2.5mm & up to 3mm

Welding for MS

C-Type Arc Welding

Welding for Aluminium

C-Type Tig Welding

Rung Slot Size

10mm x 20mm, 10mm x 30mm with spacing

10mm, 15mm or as per choice

Rung Spacing

250mm/300mm interval


For MS: Hot dip Galvanize, Electroplated

Powder Coated, Epoxy Coated, Enamel Painted

& Aluminium painted.   For Aluminium: Costic

Soda wash


C-Type, Z-Type, L-Type


With Angle & Flat (MS/GI)

Ladder type Cable Trays are fabricated of MS Angle (ISA) conforming to IS 2062:1992. MS Angle are used as Runner and MS Flat as Rungs. Rung spacing is 250mm for 2500mm length cable Trays and 300mm for 3000mm length. Rungs can be provided single/double as per customer choice. Double with a cap of 10mm for clamping cable.


Typical Specification of Ladder Tray with MS Angle & Flat

Standard Length

2.5 Mtrs to 3 Mtrs

Width (W)

150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm,

1000mm (or as per customer choice)

Runner (R)

50mm x 50mm x 6mm and 65mm x

65mm x 6mm

Rung Size

25mm x 3mm, 35mm x 6mm, 32mm x 6mm.

Rung Spacing

250mm, 300mm interval (Double rung for

botling as per customer specification)

 2.5mm  & up to 4mm


Hot dip Galvanized, Painted (Colour as per

choice), Powder coated, Epoxy Painted.