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Our company is widely known for developing the finest range of Cable Tray Accessories, which are constructed from the finest stainless steel and galvanized iron.These are thoroughly tested erified before making available in market. The equipments are corrosion resistant and have immense tensile strength.We make these accessories in standard as well as in customized designs.

  •  Type of Bends: Horizontal, Vertical (Insde/outside), Tee (Equal/Unequal), Crosses, Reducer.
  •  Radious:  300/400/600/1000mm or as per the choice of Customers.
  •  Degree:      30°, 45°, 60°, 90° for bend.


Cable Duct Accessories.jpeg                                        Ladder Tray Accessories.jpeg

                  Cable Duct Accessories                                                                                                Ladder Tray accessories



Perforated Tray accessories.jpeg

                  Perforated Tray Accessories