Cable Management System


Durga Techno Industries offer perfect solutions for Networking wiring management systems.Contemporarily designed and affordable, the race ways are functional for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial and residential environments.

Scope-These raceways are installed in schools, hospitals, offices, warehouses etc. because they maximize system performance without costly system. Cable Race ways are manufactured in Single, double or triple compartments, Triple Compartments are normally designed to distribute power, data and voice cables in separate compartments. The Scope- installation of under floor or under ceiling covered cables and networking cables requirements in I.T sectors and other industries.

The high performing cable race ways are made using Mild Steel IS 1079, Pre-Galvanised Sheet.


Typical Specification of Raceway (MS/GI)

Standard Length

2.5 Mtrs to 3 Mtrs

Width (W)

75mm to 600mm (or as per customer choice)

Height (H)

50mm to 100mm (or as per customer choice)

Thickness (TH)

1.6mm to 3mm


Hot dip Galvanized, Painted (Colour as per

choice), Powder coated, Epoxy Painted.