Powder-Coated Metal Junction Box vs. Plastic Junction Box

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Powder-Coated Metal Junction Box vs. Plastic Junction Box


A junction box plays a vital role in the smooth flow of electricity in any industrial or commercial building. You can understand the importance of a junction box with the fact that almost every modern electrical system requires a junction box. The demand for junction boxes is often higher in commercial electrical systems than in residential ones. The variety of junction box models continues to confuse people for their commercial applications, which has increased the demand for a junction box equipped with commercial-grade features and built to tough standards.

Today in this blog, we will do a quick go-through about junction boxes and some common commercial uses. Also, learn the best junction box for commercial applications and discuss the powder-coated junction box - ideal for protecting the wiring. So let's dive into it without any further delay!!

What Is a Junction Box?

A junction box is an essential tool in electric wiring networks used in homes or commercial buildings. Simply put, a junction box is an electrical enclosure that contains one or more wiring connections. The junction box primarily protects the vulnerable points of the electric wiring system, such as wire splices, from accidental and environmental conditions.

There are different colored wires in the junction box, which represent different properties. For example, the black wire is for heat, the white wire is for a neutral channel, and the green or copper wire is for a grounding connection.

Junction boxes have special importance in commercial applications. Hence it becomes crucial to select the correct junction box when choosing a junction box for commercial applications. Powder coated junction box is one of them, providing strong protection to the entire electric wiring network

Powder Coated Junction Box vs. Plastic Junction Box

  • Generally, you get two types of junction box enclosure options in the market. First, the powder coated metal junction box is made from aluminium or stainless steel, and the second plastic junction box is made from polycarbonate or ABS. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose between plastic and metal junction boxes for commercial applications.
  • The choice of junction box also depends largely on what cable and conduit material you use. For example, if you use metal-sheathed cable and metal conduit, a powder-coated metal junction box is usually best to provide grounding.
  • Also, the durability of powder-coated metal junction boxes is much more excellent than that of plastic junction boxes. On the other hand, of course, plastic junction boxes are less expensive. In addition, they have a much easier installation process, but if you want more protection against any weather and accidental condition, then you should opt for a powder coated metal junction box.

Factors To consider while selecting the Junction box.

Right Size
  • It is important to keep size in mind when selecting a junction box. You can get the right size junction box as per your requirement. Commercial junction boxes are usually larger than residential junction boxes, as commercial junction boxes require more than one connector.
  • You can also use the NEC Junction Box Sizing Table to find a suitable enclosure.

IP Rating or NEMA Rating
  • The IP and NEMA rating systems measure the protective properties of electrical enclosures, including junction boxes, and accordingly assign ratings to various junction boxes. For example, powder-coated metal junction boxes are generally given a higher rating from a safety point of view.

Digital HD Printing
  • Due to the many junction boxes in commercial systems, it is difficult to identify the fault box when a fault occurs. So if you are looking for junction boxes for your commercial applications, choose junction boxes with special printing or label print.

UL 94 flame rating
  • The UL 94 flame rating system measures a material's ability to self-extinguish when exposed to an open flame. UL flame rating indicates the box is completely non-flammable.

Powder Coated Metal Junction Box Is Best For?

  • Office & Retail buildings
  • Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Medicine industry
  • Marine applications

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