Perforated Cable Tray

Perforated Cable Tray - Why Are Cable Trays Perforated & Its Features


You will also agree that there is always a danger of overloading the electrical wires, which can lead to overheating. Also, there is a risk of moisture building up on the cables. In such a situation, all these risks can be avoided by using a cable tray. Simply put, cable trays are mechanical support to protect electrical cables in large wiring projects. Cable trays are used for a multiple-wire arrangement for power and signal cables.

You will find many cable trays in the market, but the most famous and best is the perforated cable tray. The perforation process is used to keep the temperature under control in the cable tray, through which natural cooling can be provided. Let's understand it in depth.

What Is a Perforated Cable Tray?

The perforation process involves puncturing holes in the tray to allow ventilation without diminishing the cable tray's primary purpose. Perforated cable tray allows adequate ventilation for electrical wiring.

Perforated cable trays establish direct access to cables for maintenance or repair of electrical wiring, allowing wires to be routed through separate channels.

Perforated Type Cable Tray has various features – high quality, simple access, easy maintenance, seamless installation, and robust design. In addition, it does not require drilling or welding to be installed almost everywhere.

Also, its robust construction gives it the ability to handle challenging conditions. Perforated Cable Tray is also different from other trays in that it saves space, has excellent durability, and is heavy duty. Talking about other features, it is fireproof, moisture free, and non-corrosive.

How are cable trays perforated?

Cable tray manufacturers employ the latest production techniques for perforation in cable trays. Often this is done in the final stages of manufacturing. Firstly the galvanized sheets are placed in a high-speed punching system to precisely pin holes keeping in mind the design and ventilation requirements. Not all the sheets need to have holes of the same size. It can be cut into various shapes and patterns.

After the punching process, the sheets are shaped into trays of fixed dimensions. It serves as a cover for the electrical cables. Leaving wires exposed always runs the risk of moisture and other damage to the wires. Using fully covered cable trays to keep electrical cables safe also results in overheating issues, in which case perforated cable trays can help you out. Small holes are made in it for ventilation.

Why are cable trays perforated?

Let us now understand why holes are made in the cable tray. As you know, there is a possibility of an accident due to open wiring; in this case, the cable tray protects the electrical wiring from external moisture. So that the possibility of danger can be reduced. But the cable tray covers the wires completely, and there is always a possibility of accidental fire due to overloading. So to eliminate the possibility of this danger, perforated cable trays were manufactured. Adequate ventilation is required in any electrical cabling system, so perforated cable trays provide excellent protection for electrical wiring by reducing the chance of accidental fires.

Important Features Of Perforated Cable Tray

  • Perforated cable trays have strong protection against short-circuit hazards.
  • This tray is very flexible. It also allows easy and quick installation.
  • Maintenance costs little.
  • Perforated type cable tray has a longer lifespan than other cable trays.
  • The perforated cable tray has holes in the bottom for adequate ventilation.
  • The perforated cable tray has a sturdy structure, making it easy to carry all cables.
  • Its smooth edge protects the cable lines from all kinds of scratches.

Due to all these perforated cable tray features, the demand for this cable tray is continuously increasing in today's infrastructural market. In addition, many commercial and industrial units use perforated type cable trays for electrical wiring. Therefore, there has also been a significant increase in demand in the global market.

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Perforated Cable Tray
Perforated Cable Tray
Perforated Cable Tray
Perforated Cable Tray